Bathroom Shower Enclosure

The frameless glass shower enclosure gives your bathroom a spacious, luxurious feel, that allows the light to pass through and is nice and wide open. You can enjoy a stunning look and an instant upgrade to your bathroom. It’s a smart investment to your home.

Not only does the frameless glass shower gives your bathroom a stunning look, but also hygiene and safety. It takes the aesthetic of your bathrooms to a next level. Belmont offer a refined look and a modern touch to your bathrooms. We customize the shower enclosure as per your concept.

We have certified installers for glass shower enclosures who will install the glass with at most perfections. This includes custom measuring, templating and cutting of glass. Belmont glass shower enclosures are precision engineered and provide super high quality.

We use premium durable materials such as hinges, which glide smoothly and high quality feeling fit and finish. Our glass is of high quality and cleaning is super easy. It prevents moisture soap spotting. There is no need of cleaning with harsh chemicals.

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