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Push windows

Introducing our Push Out Aluminium Casement Window, a sturdy and durable frame that is built to last. Made from extruded aluminum, it offers excellent durability, weather resistance, and impact resistance, ensuring a longer service life and superior performance. With its inner and outer flat frame design, not only does it enhance the overall sealing performance, but it also adds a touch of elegance to any space. Whether it’s the kitchen, dining room, or living room, our window can be installed in various places. With a height of up to 8 feet or a width of up to 3.5 feet, customers have a wide range of specifications to choose from. What’s more, our window is environmentally friendly and can provide high energy efficiency, even in larger sizes. Safety is also a top priority, thanks to the multi-point locking system that ensures tight sealing from top to bottom. Cleaning the glass is a breeze with our unique cleaning mode, making it easier and safer for you.

Advantages of push windows.

  1. The window sash opens like a door without blocking the view, thanks to its side hinge placement.
  2. The Push Out Aluminium Casement Window’s aluminum frame minimizes obstructions for a broad view.
  3. Featuring low-emission energy-efficient glass, this window maintains its square corners and seals over time.
  4.  Rest assured with our lifetime limited warranty ensuring the quality of your windows.