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How to Pick the Perfect Traffic Barrier – A Deep Dive into Key Factors

As traffic on our roads continues to increase day by day, it also increases the risks of accidents and road blockage. Road safety is always a crucial concern, and the implementation of effective measures is essential to ensure the overall well-being of motorists, pedestrians and the public. Whether you are operating commercial or industrial facilities, ensuring the safety of your employees and customers will be first on your must-do list, right? Investing in road safety solutions not only helps in controlling traffic flow but also safeguarding premises and preventing accidents.

Have you been considering installing a road safety barrier in your residential, commercial and industrial property? Whether it is a parking ground, construction site, garage or workshop, traffic barriers prove a smart choice to protect people and property. Adding an extra level of security to your property, traffic barriers in Dubai serve as a protective shield between vehicles, pedestrians, and potential hazards. Designed to redirect traffic, withstand impact and prevent vehicles and people from entering restricted areas, traffic barriers ensure a smooth flow of operations. Moreover, it helps set up clear divisions between different zones, thereby mitigating the risk of collisions and improving overall safety.

The best traffic barriers in Dubai are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. But with many types of traffic barriers and bollards available in the market, choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging. As there are barriers and bollards designed and manufactured to fit different locations and various levels of activity in workplaces, you need to find the right one to avoid workplace injuries and stay compliant. So, how do you choose the right traffic barrier for your property? Here are a few key factors that you need to consider when making a decision.

1. Purpose: The first step to filtering out the choices is defining your needs. Take the time to think about your specific requirements and the purpose of barriers. From the location and functionality to the duration, understanding your needs and requirements can help you pick the right traffic barrier. Ask yourself a set of questions such as – are you buying bollards or barriers to improve the security of your premises? Or is it to restrict any unauthorized vehicle access to a specific area? Having a clear understanding of your needs helps in figuring out what type of barrier is needed. For instance, you may need a crash-rated barrier for high-security property, whereas a simple gate barrier would be ideal for a parking lot.

2. Location: It is important to consider the location where you are planning to install traffic barriers in Dubai. If you are planning to install it outside, then it is important to choose barriers that can withstand extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, if you are planning to place it within warehouses, distribution centres, factories or manufacturing facilities, then flexible bollards would be ideal. Additionally, think about the traffic surrounding the site.

3. Material: Traffic materials are manufactured from diverse types of materials – concrete, steel, aluminium and plastic. Each material type has its own pros and cons. Steel barriers are strong, long-lasting and water-resistant. They are extremely versatile and an ideal option for many areas where adaptable and affordable protection is required. Similarly, concrete barriers are also a durable choice and effective in stopping high-speed vehicles. If you are looking for a short-term application, then plastic traffic barriers are the best bet. Their lightweight and manoeuvrability makes it easy to place and remove swiftly. The final choice of the barrier material will depend on the level of security and durability you expect.

4. Installation and Maintenance: Next, it is time to assess the installation and maintenance requirements of traffic barriers. Are the barriers you selected easy to install and replace? Is it resistant to harsh weather conditions and general wear and tear? How often do you have to repair or refurbish the barriers? Depending on the functionality, you may have to invest in a robust, resilient and durable traffic barrier that can stand the test of time. But, if you are looking for a temporary solution, then a flexible and cost-effective plastic barrier could be an ideal choice.

5. Costs: How much can you spend on installing traffic barriers? Your budget is a key factor in determining the right choice for your project. Different barrier types come with different prices, with some being more costly than others. However, it is essential to factor in the installation and maintenance costs while comparing the overall costs. Some barriers may cost you less but may require frequent repairs and maintenance. Make sure to choose a traffic barrier that fits your budget and minimizes the overhead costs.

Keep the above essential factors in mind while selecting traffic barriers for your property. If you are still unsure about making a decision, contact the experts at Belmont Glass. We offer an extensive range of high-quality traffic barriers in Dubai that can suit your business needs and make your workplace safer. Get a quote now.

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