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How do Automatic Sliding Doors Know When to Open and Close?

Ever wondered how those automatic sliding doors seem to know exactly when to open and close? Join us on a journey behind the scenes to uncover the mystery of these modern marvels!  

How do Automatic Doors Know the Correct Time to Open? 

Imagine if automatic sliding doors opened every time a leaf blew by or a stray cat wandered past. Chaos, right? Thankfully, these doors are smarter than that. They rely on a variety of sensors to determine the perfect moment to swing open. Ever wondered how automatic doors know when someone is approaching? It is like they have a sixth sense! But fear not, there’s no magic involved – just some clever technology doing all the work.  

  • Motion Sensors: These sensors are like little detectives, always on the lookout for movement nearby. When someone walks up to the door, the motion sensor picks up on their presence and sends a signal to the door mechanism, telling it to swing open. It is like the door saying, “Hey, someone’s coming – time to make way !”
  • Access Control: Imagine having a secret code or a special key to unlock a door. That is what access control is all about. Some automatic doors require you to swipe a card or enter a code to gain entry. Once you have been granted access, the door knows it’s okay to open for you. It is like having your IP pass to enter. 
  • Pressure Sensors: Have you ever leaned against a door and felt it give way beneath your weight? That’s thanks to pressure sensors. These sensors detect when someone leans against the door or applies pressure, signalling to the door that it is time to open up. It is like the door can feel your touch and responds accordingly.  
  • Infrared sensors: Even seen those invisible beams of light in spy movies? Well, infrared sensors work a bit like that. They emit beams of invisible light across the doorway. When someone interrupts these beams – by walking through the doorway, for example- the sensor detects the change and triggers the door to open. It is like breaking a beam in a laser maze, except instead of setting off alarms, it opens the door for you.  

How Long Does it Take For An Automatic Door to Open?  

Automatic doors, true to their name, are designed to open automatically upon detecting someone in front of them. You might think that these high-tech doors take ages to swing open, but think again! A reliable automatic sliding door should swiftly swing open within seconds of sensing someone’s presence. Generally, these doors stay open for at least five seconds before closing making sure there is ample time for the person to walk through without any rush.  

What Are The Advantages of Automatic Doors?  

  • Energy Consumption: Ever walked into a building and noticed the doors popped open, letting precious air conditioning escape into the great outdoors? It is a common sight, but it is also a big energy waste. But with an automatic door, there is no room for forgetfulness. these smart doors swing shut behind you, sealing in the cool air or warmth, depending on the season. By keeping doors closed when they are not needed, automatic doors help reduce energy consumption and keep those electricity bills in check.  
    • Easy Workflow: Imagine working in a bustling restaurant kitchen, dashing back and forth with plates of doors or trays of ingredients. Now imagine having to top and wrestle with a heavy door every time you need to pass through. Sounds like a recipe for chaos, right? Here is where automatic doors enter. These doors keep the flow going, allowing you to glide in and out without missing a beat. Whether you are in a hospital, grocery store, or any other busy workplace, automatic door keep things running smoothly, so you can focus on the task at hand without interruptions. 
      • Touchless Entry: In today’s world, where hygiene is more important than ever, touchless entry is a game-changer. Especially in the midst of a pandemic like COVID-19, minimizing contact points is crucial. Automatic doors help create a safer environment by eliminating the need for hand contact, making it easier to maintain hygiene protocols and protect public health.  

        So there you have it – the secret behind the seamless operation of automatic sliding doors. Next time you scroll through a set of automatic doors, take a moment to appreciate the clever technology working behind the scenes. And if you are in the market for a touch of modern convenience, consider installing automatic doors in your own space. Trust us, once you experience the magic, there’s no going back. Contact Belmont Glass today to learn more about our cutting-edge door solutions. Say goodbye to manual entry and hello to effortless access – your future awaits! 

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