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Glass Railing

Belmont can make your design dreams come true with the best glass railing in Sharjah. Throughout the design process, we collaborate with you and also provide both the hardware and the glass panels for manufacture, so you don’t have to deal with numerous vendors. Traditional fence solutions can shut off space, making it feel claustrophobic and narrow. Glass railings from Belmont, on the other hand, will open up your area and provide you with clear, bright, and beautiful interiors. It’s the pinnacle of modern railing design. The first step in purchasing a glass panel railing is to consider your vision. If you have a design in mind or you need advice on the interiors we can discuss elaborately your needs and requirements. A pricing estimate and a consultation with one of our glass specialists will help you choose the best design for your interiors. Our designers would be pleased to present you with choices and assist you in making the right decision for your project, no matter how complex or simple it is.

Best Engineering and Fabrication Team in UAE

Belmont offers an excellent choice of glass railing in Dubai with perfect measures of the job site. The measures are transmitted back to Belmont Glass for assessment and confirmation. The project is transferred to our engineering department once it has been confirmed. Our team of engineers will go to work after the design has been finalised and the essential measurements have been obtained. Our engineers create a layout plan that shows where all of your mounting structures (posts, glass pins, baserail, talon spigots, and so on) and glass panels will go. Once the engineering works are done, the next in the process is a fabrication. This is the point at which everything is manufactured. During this period, all you have to do is continue to prepare your task site. Your project coordinator will be able to advise you on how to prepare for the arrival and installation of your glass railing. During this time, they can keep in touch with you on a regular basis to provide you with information on production schedules and notify you of any speed-ups or delays.

High-quality aluminium and glass railing in Dubai

The glass panels and all the mounting gear will be individually packaged and organised to minimise the time taken for installation for the job site. Although each mounting system has its own set of instructions, a reasonable rule of thumb is to allocate one hour for each glass panel on your order. Installing a project with 15 glass panels with a crew of three persons should take roughly 5 hours total. Once installed, the Belmont glass railings add beauty to your interiors and add a touch of luxury.